Los Dos Weirdos (2015-2016)

Sacrifice EP (SOLD OUT!)

Born out of a primordial soup of many socio-musical ingredients, Los Dos Weirdos strives to open doors into the musical ether. Through combining the varied individual strengths brought to the project, the band blends the straightness of pop arranging with an esoteric sea of abstract sounds and music.


Gathering materials from sonic fields inside rooms slammed against outdoor atmospherics, these elements find a nest within a new ecosystem. Electronic drums, VST manipulation, tape cassette hiss, AM radio buzz, jagged guitar and bass harmonies moving into pop vocal arrangements, instinctively. Freely exploring texture and influences from Motown, dark ambient, post-rock and blues what winds up into this tornado is something completely singular and all at once familiar. The Midwest shares home to oxidized factories, expanses of farmland and cities like communal wastelands and this music reflects that.



Perfect Messages (2013-Present)


Journal EP


Matthew James Manowski's explorative creativity meets no bounds in this limitless analog expanse. His second release to date under the moniker Perfect Messages. The recordings here take time and place to far off new meanings. Source materials are just as elusive as the sonic drift and tidal wave generated from droning devices, synthesizer crackle and stream of consciousness ramblings. The recording of this album took place in Seattle, Washington during the winter of 2015.