Portals Series (2017-2018)

Shot onsite in Oporto, Finsterra, Granada and Lisboa. A collection of photos highlighting a psychological themes that doors provide-not knowing what is behind and even at the foot of. The photos are to be exhibited and enlarged to represent the full scale size of each image. Scale and texture are paramount for these images. In a more formal sense, texture color and scale reveal a historical code and the craftsmanship of these portals.

Excerpts of Temperature (2017)

In this 2017 series of densely-hued, sub-terra photos, Manowski works with "psychological color-phasing" through photographic texture and color formatting. His transmission of a place and time inside these images is directed towards self-referential thought, nostalgic dancing of the mind, and at its pinnacle, storytelling." 

Each of these photos was shot using an Olympus E-30, 2.8 14-54mm Zuiko lens and Cyan filtering in post-edits. The arc of this series reflects a continuation of Manowski's interest in the arrangement of high-contrast photo values and motifs. These glowing images seem somewhat vacant and hauntingly shine like the whining halls of a derelict medical building. 



Through Sands the of Time (2014-2016)

All of the pieces in this series have been sold or are otherwise unavailable

A series of high contrast photos. Each exposure relates in tonality to the disparate locations and darkly singular, vacant themes. Shot on an Olympus E-30, iPhone 6 and Nikon P-60. From Greece, to NYC to Alaska, Chicago and Wisconsin -- the scale and form give this series a wide emotional grip.  As a photographer it's about narrative, environment and atmosphere. Potential relationships-imagined or real-trigger emotional flavors and guide the editing process. What I capture and manipulate nourishes a metanarrative. Here are examples of inside out textures like some vast, empty geography of the brain.