I’m an interdisciplinary artist using a wide-range of mediums and applications. My focus is, making performance-installations with an unnerving and psychological tone. This type of work is based in real-time and it is site-specific. It looks splintered, like experimental tests with disparate elements. Abstracted noises, collaged and pixelated video of movement. My range of work often includes: images on paper, high-contrast black and white photos, live electronics and performance-the human and environmental. I use tape recorders, projectors, film cameras, graphite, pigments and field recordings. I assemble objects with locally sourced artifacts-this includes sounds. These elements represent moments, from the “sites” and they become critical characters in performance-installations. 

My process is spontaneous, highly intuitive and illogical. Themes surface as memories, dreams fictional characters and how the conditions of light and dark operate in physiological and physical terms. I explore sense perception and question how memory contributes to human narratives. In a sense, looking deeply at these conditions reveal their contours. Space and time take on new measurements, extending and contracting. Yet, I consider more recognizable, formal concerns of scale, color and shape. 


Matthew James Manowski | May 2018