Matthew James Manowski is an interdisciplinary artist. He uses composition, installation, video and site-specific performances to uncover the intersectionality within sense perception, ethnography, power dynamics and ecology. A primary concern for Manowski is how memory contributes to a human narrative and what triggers emotions through visual and auditory stimuli. His work appears splintered, disparate and highly personal like a doorway into an impossible dream.

His sources range from abstract field recordings to appropriated lo-fi and pixelated videos. With careful consideration for the acoustical his performances include tape recorders, video projectors, contact microphones, found objects and audio sculptures. These elements are stripped of sourcing, anonymously placed and superimposed. Manowski corrals his viewers within a dense audio forest. The unnerving video and rambling experiments seem to condense the physical yet expand the psychological. His process is spontaneous and highly intuitive, yet illogical. Space and time take on new measurements, extending and contracting though he considers more recognizable, formal concerns of scale, color and shape. 

January 2019