Impressions_Series (2017)

For a long while I've appreciated works executed in simplicity. In my mind, I draw up these: early Dali, Schiele, Ruscha and perhaps in some ways Buster Simpson. Authenticity, that word says everything about these artists. I'd argue vehemently that the above mentioned have truly diffused their authentic styles' ad infinitum. 

Ink and Paper. It harkens backward in time through all of the hypermedia, post-post whatever and the overwhelming amount of video art that is at best a terrible distraction. 

Rejection. Both in terms of my previous site-specific and performative based works, and that of what I intuitively gravitate towards the guts of my craft-sound assembly and collecting. Impressions cultivated new freedom in a fresh and unadulterated way.

THE WORK: India ink, paper, and brush. Completely informed through landscape, impressions and improv-driven spirits in the ether. Each piece executed en plein air.  Provided by whatever provides the weather conditions like Màlaga's heat, Granada's dense cultural atmosphere and the cool viridian, rainy conditions in Finisterra. Though atypical and all at once minimal, the expression of creativity here in these works...I'm quite proud of.

 Geo Ants Signal 1-3 (2017)

Geo Ants Signal 1-3: These studies came out of a residency at Foundation Obras in Evoramonte, Portugal. During the month-long stay, I began a fascinating look into the life of ants. These works on black paper, are shaped with pigment and acrylic paint. The geometric forms relate directly to the patterns observed. Structurally they highlight a linear and shaped way they behave. The unusual colors I selected are significant, the emotion of the environment fluctuates between both overwhelmingly hot days and cool evenings and the activity of the ants never ceases even at night. 

Biological Humanity/Exercises with Pen (2013-2016)


Visual work, defined by adding marks to, two-dimensional surfaces is an extension of my philosophy of art and life in complete synchronicity. Take for instance the images above: relational and representational in themes and objects. These ideas however aren't created in vacuum. Stemming from materials I've on hand and potential subjects that live or have lived. An NYC diner waitress, a Calvin Klein model, Athena, Jack of Spades, Annie Clark and so many others ride the continuum of curiosity and are aspects of contemporary culture. Resources are scarce and utilizing less to produce more is critical in my practice. Watercolor, pencil salvaged pens, and other color or mark generating materials are expressive gold to me. Gesturally what happens is loose and intuitive, building layer upon layer. Rarely does a visual piece take form from a study or detailed survey of stock images? While the use of a photo is a component it's a very thin frame for hanging abstraction and texture.