LIGHTLESSNESS is an idea, an art faction and production company founded by Matthew James Manowski in 2015. It represents that pure, vacant space in the mind where creative genesis begins. It's the home base for all Manowski's individual and collaborative artistic production. 

MATTHEW JAMES MANOWSKI (USA) is an interdisciplinary artist working in sound art, sensory perception, performance installation and video. He produces works on paper, photography, experimental video and media-performance/installations. These practices examine the subconscious and contemporary experiences of various life forms, both physical and supernatural or (non-physical). His creative vision is fueled by the relational aspects of abstract imagery, sound manipulation, ritual movement and stream of consciousness narrative-weaving a broad, yet singular tapestry. 

In September 2017 he took residency in Alentejo, Portugal with Foundation Obras, culminating the experience with several exhibitions including Object_2 in the 12th century Castelo de Evoramonte. In August 2017, at the Comfort Station in Chicago, Manowski produced and performed in Abstr/Action + Senses i-v, a five part experimental exhibitions series. Manowski is the founder of the national experimental music festival, Sources of Light. Recently, in April 2018 Manowski, returned to Portugal to collaborate with French artist Gaëlle Pelachaud and Portuguese poet, Maria Sarmento for "Aureas" with support from the organizers, Foundation Obras and the Municipality of Évora. He lives in Denver, Colorado-though rumor has it, he’s relocating to Pittsburgh, PA in February.